The Rotary Institute Basel 22

(woensdag 2 november 2022 06:00 - vrijdag 4 november 2022 23:00) , Hotel Mövenpick Aeschengraben 25 4051 Basel
  • Patric Howald
  • Michele Serra
  • Jonas Frieg

This year, the Rotary Institute is taking place in Switzerland. This is a great opportunity for us Rotaractors to have a closer look at the international structure of Rotary. This event is generally open to all Rotaract Members. This year's location represents an advantage for those members who cannot or who do not like to travel long distances.

The Rotary Institute includes the yearly Governor elect Training Seminar (GETS) and Governor nominee Training Seminar (GNTS). The GETS/GNTS is a regional meeting that prepares the incoming class of governors and future governors to successfully lead their district.

The GETS/GNTS takes place at the Mövenpick Hotel in Basel from Wednesday November 2nd, 2022 from 11.00, all day Thursday November 3rd, and will finish on Friday November 4th at 11.00.

The GETS/GNTS – Partner Training takes place at the Mövenpick Hotel in Basel on Wednesday November 2nd, 2022 from 11.00 to 17.00 (followed by a Dinner).

The Programme has a specific part also for Rotaract. Consequently, we can expect to have several international fellows visiting our country at once. This is unusual for Switzerland because the organisational costs of international events, such as REMs and EUCOs, are not competitive compared to other countries  (I expect all of you to know what I am talking about; if you do not, you do not read the emails and this is a problem).

You can find the Rotaract-dedicated Programme below and the full Programme further below. Both Programmes are also available on the official website (

A very important highlight of the Rotaract Programme is an Inter-district Conference (IDK, you should also know what this is). This is not officially listed in the programme yet. Further details will follow from the side of the CRSL Secretary.

Finally, the Host Organisation Committee of the Rotary Institute is grateful for any volunteer that during the event would be willing to help with the organisation. I am not involved in this part. To find a contact person, please contact Mr. Patric Howald, DRR 1980 (District Rotaract Representative of the District 1980, I will excuse you if you did not know this one). The city of Basel is geographically within the District 1980.

Best regards,

Michele Serra

Country Representative and Head of International Affairs

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